Mike Gajdrous 01

Mike Gajdorus

Sr. Artist | Architecture Lead

As senior artist, Mike embodies the Studio Rendering mantra that both talent and technology create the best visual communication. Mike fosters a deep understanding of architecture and how innovative visualization practices can enhance design. To Mike, mediocrity is never acceptable in his work and believes “boring is easy, anyone can do boring.” No matter the project or assignment, his keen attention to detail, organization, and consistent follow-through ensure that the most compelling and accurate depictions of architecture are delivered to clients. He brings great value to the studio, not only as the studio’s architectural specialist but as a visual innovator. He continues to streamline efficiency by integrating Revit with the studio’s visualization practices.

Mike is a unique left-brain artist who is fascinated with how realism and the finest details can be achieved in visualization. Mike is inspired by advancements in cinematic visual effects and interactive tools and how it can tell an architectural design story.

Mike holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with a specialization in digital design from the Illinois Institute of Technology.