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Sonny Sultani

CEO, Chief Creative Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer and Key Creative Strategist of Studio Rendering, Inc., Sonny brings more than 16 years of management and professional experience to the studio. In this capacity, Sonny directs talent, long term innovation and strategic initiatives for the company. He started his career as a project store Operations Manager for Best Buy, initiating and evaluating operational changes that would go company wide. He later joined Imagineering, Inc. becoming a trusted partner for engineering clients in electronic packaging. As a Sales Engineer he improved customer design, facilitate, and manage LED based (lighting) application.

Sonny’s diversified expertise in communication, complemented by extensive experience in sales, leadership, marketing and design, provides clients with an integrated approach to solving creative challenges. Renowned for his ingenuity, imagination and thorough understanding of brand communication, Sonny challenges the studio to communicate messages and ideas through creativity.

Sonny holds both a Bachelor of Philosophy and a Master of Science in Communication from Northwestern University, as well as previous education in Music and Electrical Engineering.