Studio Rendering Moves

New Chicago Office

Studio Rendering is excited to take on a new 3600 Sq.Ft. space in Chicago on Irving Park Rd. This will be the Studios 4th move in 3 years due to growth and are committing 4 years to this new location.

The new space presents interesting challenges for the company as we envision this to be our first space which allows a free-address workspace. The goal is to implement technologies such as PCoIP to allow Artist to sit at any terminal, home or even co-working environments to get through projects. By allowing this flexibility we expect to see the current space a place where teams can relocate, at a moments notice, near co-workers who are assigned on bigger projects together. By allowing the easy movement of employees we hope to enhance productivity and flexibility at the workplace.

Additionally, the company is working with Turnstone (a steelcase company) to help us design and procure the FF&E required for such a space. Turnstone had been instrumental in developing co-working environments, in and around Chicago, and had the right vision in mind for developing the FF&E plan for the space. With the space we hope to also open it up to those individuals looking to adopt a company for a co-working environment.

The space is also enhanced by a living wall and planters around the workstations. By adding Nature to the space we feel it will further our value of being inspired by nature, a sense of taking care of the environment and enhancing our creativity.

Lastly, the new workspace is deigned to have many work surfaces and spaces where one can draw, doodle, write fav. quotes – thus allowing the space to be a dynamic backdrop. We did this so that we understand and embrace the ever changing environment of bleeding technology we live in. The Image above is of Ash, our VP, on Facetime, showing me a drawing on our famed BlackBoard wall which is in our kitchen.

We want to thank Mimosa Interior Landscape, Turnstone, and BoxxTech for helping us imagine a new way to work.